Wifi-BacPac for GoPro is Coming Soon

The Wifi-BacPac is indeed a highly anticipated GoPro extension and I don’t mind the wait if the device is to be sold at the expected price of $99.99.

At the price of a Benjamin, having the ability to remotely control up to 50 GoPro cameras from a range of 900 feet (on land) will be a revolutionary affordable convenience for film. (Update as of 2/24/2011, the GoPro wifi bacpac has been delayed again. Release date is April)

The new extension will probably be the most sought out accessory within the GoPro arsenal!!! I can already imagine the endless limitations it can provide for athletes, pilots, race car teams, surfers, sky divers, miltary tank drivers, tech geeks, and everyone else. It will bring filmmaking to both amateurs and professionals to a new level by giving remote access to the user. How?

The Wifi-BacPac’s main function is to allow you to turn on your GoPro that is out-of-reach (remotely) whenever you want, providing you remote control from a far distance and a way of saving battery life for your GoPro camera. Basically this device gives us the ability to film whenever we want and the ability to control up to 50 GoPro cameras outside our reach without having to get out off our car, motorbike, or airplane.

Why I’m so hyped about the GoPro Wifi-BacPac?

The cool part I think the Wifi-BacPac gives to GoPro users is its ability to use wifi devices such as iphones, ipods, ipads, android tablets and etc.  What makes it even more awesome is live streaming video. Seriously!!! LIVE STREAM!!!
As of now, it seems that there will be a GoPro app that will be free for Android and IOS (Apple) systems. The introduction to these two platforms to my opinion is definitely going to increase the popularity of GoPro even further!!!

I think the only bad news goes to GoPro HD Hero 1 users because it seems that live video streaming and remote control through wifi-devices is not possible with the GoPro 1. Only remote control functions for the Hero 1.

However, the HD HERO2 will have all the goods that will  support live streaming and remote control through wifi-devices.

My Two Concerns with the Wifi-BacPac (Smart) Devices…

Not sure if I’m on the right page with GoPro but for example, if I ride a big wave 300 feet away from the shore, will that enable my buddy standing on the beach with an iphone to see what my camera is seeing?

Seems like a good deal for $99.00!!! I’m already thinking of scuba diving, while having observers on the deck watch everything I film live from their ipads and smart phones without getting their feet wet!!!! If that’s the case, then the wifi bacpac will enable our GoPros to be used in many scenarios where most humans don’t or can’t go… Right now, I’m thinking of rescue operations… have a gopro attached to a pole or some kind of extension to peak through holes in collapse buildings and whatever it sees will be fed live to observers maybe??? I know light will be an issue but this is just a wild idea of mine to what this device might provide us with.

Whatevever the case, there is a need to get one and see how live streaming will work with the GoPro.

My other concern is will we have secure wifi connections to the GoPro camera? Meaning my own secure channel/ frequency so that no one can remotely interfere or see what I’m fliming?

To be continued!

GoPro having Problems with the Wifi bacpac?

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