Gmail Tap, A Good April Fools

It’s April 1 in the US today (April 2 in Japan), and just I saw a new cool feature that Google calls “Gmail Tap”.

I thought that Google voice was all I needed but just today, an app has been introduced that replaces the keyboard in our phones. Check out the video below!.

Learning Morse code will be a bit of a challenge to many Google users and I would never use it if I had a phone… So here’s the catch… why put it on a phone when you can simply make a call??? LOL!

But then again Morse code could be very useful in dire emergency situations because you don’t need special equipment to transmit or receive messages. Also Morse code can travel through the weakest radio signal at very long ranges, so it is handy.

Good April Fools but could be Practical…

Instead of flushing a special wifi router down the toilet from the second floor to get better internet reception (which was kind of funny and gross), I think having an app that replaces the keyboard in our phones so that we can write a message with two buttons has a chance of being a reality and not just a joke! I mean, I used to write messages on my phone without looking at it because I could feel the buttons. Now, since most phones these days are all touch screen, I have to look at my phone to do anything.

Happy April Fools Everyone!!!

I think the best part of the video was “So I always known that I was related to Samuel FP Morse.
He is my great gradnfather’s grandfather’s uncle.” @
00:31 seconds. That was pretty epic!

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