Never Judge Appearances

Great social case study depicting a homeless man in need of immediate help compared to a well-dressed man needing help. The lesson here to learn is to Never Judge Appearances; it’s bad for humanity as a whole!

This bothers me that people are more willing to help the well-dressed person. I really hate to say it but this IS THE REALITY we live in most places (esp. the rich materialistic places).

The youtube video above is an example of society’s actions towards the poor!!! Some people will argue that this just is the bystander effect but no; It’s clear that people don’t want to go near a person whose appearance is not neat.

Creative Capitalism

As Bill implies in his Harvard commencement, It’s not about making profit. It’s about making the world a better place. …

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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry stay foolish

As graduation nears, I look forward to hearing several commencement speeches from several universities for the class of 2014. However, …

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Who will be more successful?


I saw this pic on the web and had to share it here. The image depicts inequality in a third world nation. I believe this is in the Philippines. Here, two kids in uniforms with shoes walking to school, while the rest are walking the oppossite direction probably to a city to sell things; note that they are barefoot.


So who do think will be more successful?

The kids going to school or the kids not going to school?

Ways to Expand Your Creativity

Feeling old? Is life boring you to hell? You could be suffering from horizontitis! lol, Horizontitis is a condition in which people affected have a limit to their horizons. This could be dangerous because horizontitis leads to a lack of creativity. Not being creative can significantly raise the risk of leading to a path to ultimate failure for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced political leader, chess master or a well known artist. Here are some tips that can help expand your horizons and defeat horizontitis*! . )