Why quality gear matters!


When it comes to ensuring the safety of yourself and others around you, quality gear matters!

This relates to body armor, scuba gear, guns, climbing ropes, boots, knives, and even mountain bikes.

The following video portrays a professional downhill mountain biker that buys a cheap but good looking mountain bike from walmart. He stresses the bike through a rigid downhill mountain course but before starting the test, the first gut feeling he gets is doubt. He survives the ordeal but what makes the video very powerful and interesting to me is his personal responses through the problems encountered. Despite the loss of brakes, broken/loose bike handles, and more  he still had the determination to finish the bike “experiment”. The moral of the story is, if you want an average bike for simple point A to B travel, buy an average bike. However, if you want to go mountain biking, don’t risk it with a cheap bike. It’s not worth it. Spend a few more bucks to ensure your safety.

Remember this man definitely is a professional with a variety of skills obtained through experience. So to the kids watching this… please don’t do this at home.


The cheapest lens out there. The EF 50mm F 1.8 Mark 2

EF 50mm F1.8

There are a lot of expensive lenses out there. From the prime Ef 85mm F1.2 IS II USM that costs around $2,300 to the heavy EF 800mm F5.6 that cost around $14,000 dollars. It’s a no-brainer why photography can be an expensive hobby or a profession that usually starts many pros with a low profit margin! However, pro or amateur, one of the lenses that I highly recommend is the EF Canon 50mm F1.8 Mark 2.  This IQ (image quality) of this lens is just amazingly clean and sharp producing amazingly great images for less than a hundred bucks!


LCD Touch BacPac

こんなに増えたHero4活用方法!従来のGoPro HEROシリーズを使っているあなたならこの良さに驚きを隠しきれないはず。

Made in Japan

Just a word… macro video is harder than macro photography because video is not really that easy to “photoshop” for commercial pusposes. In video, one can use After Effects to remove dust and fingerprints, but when motion is involved, removing those type artifacts is a serious pain in the rear!

Barbecue in Japan

It’s summer in Japan! Beaches, bikinis, mini-skirts, and what else can you ask for?

I’ve been busy kickstarting a couple of projects and should put more time into this blog depsite the lack of time!

Just wanted share that I was really caught off guard by my fiance’s uncle who invited both of us to a family barbecue (given that they rarely do this). The barbecue was set to take place during the Obon, a tradition during summer when relatives from far away unite to see each other as well visit the graves of the departed. Its actually special time in Japan were workers are given a full week off for family events (but in all honesty most don’t use it that way; they’d rather hop on a plane to somewhere exotic).