Record 221 iPhone 5 Stolen in Japan

Finally the day has come when the iPhone 5 becomes available for consumers. However, in Japan, a record 221 iPhone 5 handsets were stolen on the first day of its release!

Black iPhone 5 Popular!

After having record sales with over 2 million pre-orders in the first day of accepting pre-orders, the iPhone 5 is definitely a huge tech gadget hit!

The iPhone 5’s strong points is that it is faster and sexier than most smart phones in the market to date. Speaking of sexiness, there are two colors: White and Black.

iPhone 5 Preorders High

The marketing charm of Apple is rocking the consumer world again after a no-number claim that pre-orders of the new iPhone 5 have gone off the charts.
According to  an Apple spokeswoman:

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 have been incredible. We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.

It is Called the iPhone 5

So yes, the new iPhone is coming out on the 21st of September and it’s called the iPhone 5. 

So what makes the iPhone 5 news?

  1. The iPhone 5 is physically different from the iPhones made in the past.  (it’s taller, lighter, and thinner than the rest…the back side is made with anodized aluminum)
  2. It’s actually 4G!
  3. The iPhone 5’s new A6 processor is claimed by apple to be twice as fast than the past iPhones.
  4. Better cameras for both the front and the back-end.
  5. A more intelligent Siri!

What makes the iPhone 5 suck? well kinda…

How to prevent smartphone attacks

A strong and powerful way to prevent common cyberattack on your smartphone is to root it. jailbreak it and install a firewall. Rooting will give you more control for your phone and the firewall will serve as the first line of defense against hackers who try to steal your information.
What is really scary is the fact that hackers do not need to physically access your phone. All they need to do is stand next to you and absorb all your data in your phone. How to prevent this,get your smartphonerooted and intall a firewall!