Guam Coastal Cleanup

Participating in the 17th international coastal cleanup at Guam and I regret not taking all my video gear underwater. The reason I did not bring my gopro camera was because I assumed that I would be involved with some hard labor diving lifting trash and yes… assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

Although I was fortunate to bring my handy compact camera to share the disbelief… what I witnessed underwater is probably one of many things many people here in Guam do not know about.

I learned a lesson that day; and that is to bring your camera everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter how you bring it, just have it with you at all times. You will never know what you will find. I believe that fully documenting the amount of trash that lay beneath spots in Guam can raise awareness, which I hope I do with this one photograph of my brother picking up trash @ 30- 50ft. However, I think I could have made it more dramatic by filming some footage and turning it into a PSA.

Alan Ryo picking up trash
My brother, Alan Ryo, picking up trash underwater.

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4 thoughts on “Guam Coastal Cleanup”

  1. Dirty 2
    [quote name=”Russ”]That looks crazy! How do you pick up all that trash? I can’t believe Guam has so much trash down there :cry:[/quote]

    We picked up approximately 60lbs of trash. That would be maybe around 100 cans and other stuff.

    Although its mostly aluminum cans, when filled with water, even with the help of sea water buoyancy, it was heavy. My whole dive team was very much low on air during exit.

  2. Sooo Sad
    It’s a shame that an island such as Guam, known for its tropical paradise is becoming trashy. We humans need to stop polluting the environment. Not only will the aesthetic qualities of nature subside but the number of diseases will increase. Thank you for enlightening me what is under the oceans of a once beautiful island.

    • It’s getting better
      Yeah it is sad but it’s getting better.
      Some of the local crew out there are organizing cleanups and it is helping clean the bottom of the ocean.


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