GoPro Hero 3 Chart Comparison

Comparison between the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, the Hero 2, and the Sony HDR-AS15 HD Camera cameras.

If you want to buy an action sports camera, get the Hero 3. Sony and Contour got the chance to bring the competition to GoPro but GoPro’s innovative ideas for the their action cameras are far too advanced for any of the competition out there. For easy reading and viewing, just check out the chart I made below. If you got any questions about the chart or corrections you would like to make, feel free to post a comment below!

 Comparison Chart Of GoPro and Sony

GoPro Hero 3
(Black Edition)
GoPro Hero 2Sony HDR-AS15
Price$399.00 (USD)$299.00 (USD)$269.00 (USD)
Image SensorCMOS Sensor
(Pro Low-Light Performance)
CMOS Sensor
Good Low-Light Performance
(Sony Brand CMOS Sensor)
Maximum Video Resolution4K @ 15FPS
(3840 X 2160  16:9)
This is professional cinematic level resolution
(1920 X 1080 16:9)
1080p (1920 X 1080 )
HD Slow Motion (Slowest)720p @ 120 fps
Non-HD is @ 240fps
720p @ 60fps
Non-HD @ 120 fps
720p @ 120 fps
Max. Continuous Burst (Photos)  12 mp @ 30 images a second 11 mp at 10 images a second 2 mp shots (no continuous burst mode)
Built-in FeaturesBuilt-in Wifi included with RemotenoneBuilt-In Wifi
(Remote controlled with a Smart Device)
Field of View (FOV)Varies by FOV setting of User 
127 Degrees to Ultra wide 170 Degrees
127~170 Degrees170 degres Only
Battery Life Approximately 2 hoursApproximately 2 hoursApproximately 2 hours
(at VGA quality, can film up to 3 hours 5 seconds)
Charging Time2 hours if charged with Plug
4 hours with USB to computer
2 hours with Plug
4 hours via USB to computer
 4 hours
Best Place of Usage
With Issued Housing
Sea, Air, and Land (anywhere!)Air and Land
(For underwater use, must purchase 
a flat lens filter to prevent blur)
Air and Land
(For underwater use, must purchase 
a flat lens filter to prevent blur)
Max Depth of Waterprrof Housing60 meters60 meters60 meters
Memory CardMicro SD CardSD CardMicro SD Card

Hero 3 Black Too Expensive they say?

No not really because the Hero 3 has got everything in one package. If you try to compare it to buying the wifi-bacpac for the Hero 2 it’s going to be about the same price.
Plus, as a diver, I love the Hero 3’s standard issued housing that  has a flat lens for all activities and for underwater activities! The standard issued flat lens housing for the Hero 3 alone saves you another $50!
Finally, the 4K resolution is just beyond the scope of any action camera for “the” adventurist!!!
Therefore, $399 is a fair price such a nice camera!

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    • video quality
      [quote name=”sherif elsaghir”]would you please explain more about the video quality difference between the Hero3 and the AS15[/quote]

      If you get the black edition, the hd quality of 4k blows the Sony camera by a mile. Meaning , with the gopro black edition, you get the best quality available in the market right now.

      Some say 4k is overkill but to me, if you have a 50 inch screen or just want to have killer video quality, the black edition is definitely worth the money.


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